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Metalwrap panels, flashings & bespoke rainwater goods are all available in PREFALZ a prepainted aluminium coil, which is specially produced for the fully supported metal roofing & façade market.




  • P.10 Brown P10-Brown
  • P.10 AnthraciteP10-Anthracite
  • P.10 Brick Red P.10 Brick Red
  • P.10 Oxide RedP.10 Oxide Red
  • P.10 Moss Green P.10 Moss Green
  • P.10 Light GreyP.10 Light Grey
  • Zinc Grey Zinc Grey
  • P.10 WhiteP.10 White
  • P.10 Nut Brown P.10 Nut Brown
  • Metalic Silver RibbedMetallic Silver Rib
  • Metallic Silver Flat Metallic Silver Flat
  • NaturalNatural
  • Smoke Silver Smoke Silver
  • Ruby Red RibbedRuby Red Rib
  • Black Grey Black Grey
  • IvoryIvory
  • Dark Wood Dark Wood
  • Light WoodLight Wood
  • P.10 Rust Brown Rust Brown
  • P.10 Sand BrownP.10 Sand Brown
  • P.10 Stone Grey P.10 Stone Grey
  • BronzeBronze
  • Copper Patina Copper Patina
  • Patina GreyPatina Grey


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A range of pre-coated aluminium that captures the colour pigments & textures of real zinc & copper cladding.

The result of this is a realistic & aesthetically pleasing finish.




Pre-coated aluminium is a flat rolled product with an aluminium core protected by a special 3 layer coating.

It has a long service  life, is lightweight, it is easy to work with  & is also environmentally friendly.




Colour Range

  • graphite swatch Graphite (NEW)
  • corten swatchCorten (NEW)
  • copper oxide swatch Copper Oxide
  • copper patina swatchCopper Patina
  • zinc patina swatch Zinc
  • dark zinc patina swatchDark Zinc Patina
  • anthracite swatchAnthracite (New)
  • gold Gold (New)



stainless steelo

Stainless steel is the “green material” par excellence and is infinitely recyclable.

Within the construction sector, its actual recovery rate is close to 100%.


It is environmentally neutral and inert when in contact with elements such as water.

It does not leach compounds that might modify their composition.



These qualities make it a material which is ideally suited to building applications exposed to adverse weather: roofs, facades & rainwater recovery systems.




Uginox Patina K44 FME 


UGINOX Patina is a bistabilized ferritic stainless steel with an electro-tinned coating on both sides.

UGINOX Patina weathers over time, acquiring a matt finish through natural patination giving a traditional rustic final appearance.

UGINOX Patina has the benefit of a high corrosion resistance, suitable for use in aggressive atmospheres.

- Workable at low temperatures.
- Ease of soldering.
- Low thermal expansion coefficient: enables the use of long strips.
- High corrosion resistance.
- Nickel-free grade offering price stability over time.
- 100% recyclable. Uginox Patina Standing Seam Roofing

Uginox Top


UGINOX TOP is a double sided permanent matt finish on 316 austenitic grade stainless steel (1.44.04).

Blends into all types of environment, rural and urban, traditional or modern and is suited to all styles of architecture.

- Workable at low temperatures.
- Ease of soldering.
- Low thermal expansion coefficient: enables the use of long strips.
- High corrosion resistance.
- 100% recyclable


 zm silesia zincZM Silesia zinc is produced according to EN988 in the following three finishes;

Bright Rolled - Initial bright surface that quickly forms a light grey patina, under atmospheric conditions.

Pre-aged - Mat light grey patina surface, chemically created to represent weathered zinc.

Carbon - Mat dark grey patina surface, chemically created to represent dark weathered zinc.

z2ZM Silesia Zinc is produced from the highest purity zinc SHG 99.995% with additions of copper and titanium.

It is durable for over 80 years, corrosion resistant, does not require maintenance, may be easily formed & jointed, excellent for soldering, light & non-flammable and 100% recyclable.



img 11Please Note:








Natural Copper

Natural Copper is the “green material” copper roofing comes highly recommended as a way of reducing environmental footprints.



SSAB Swedish Steel now use Bio Based technology (BT).

This removes a substantial portion of the traditional fossil content in the metal coating.

These coatings now include Rapeseed and Linseed oils.

Naturally occurring substances that are environmentally friendly yet offer strong, colour-fast coatings

GreenCoat PLX BT is a high quality roofing and cladding material produced by SSAB Swedish Steel.

The material is used for Standing Seam roof or wall cladding (also called Long Strip Roofing) and to produce interlocking cassette panels. GreenCoat PLX BT has been used extensively across Europe and in its home country of Sweden where it has been developed to withstand the Nordic climate where the summers are warm and the winters are cold. Such low temperatures and harsh environment do not compromise the material.

GreenCoat PLX BT offers a high level of flexibility, and as it has no spring-back, it has a feel of Zinc or Copper when bent by hand.


This malleability means the material is easy to combine with other building materials offering unlimited possibilities to create bold roof designs. The high strength and guaranteed long-life of GreenCoat PLX BT ensures it is an excellent Zinc or Copper alternative.

GreenCoat PLX BT can be used for industrial, commercial, or residential applications where factors such as appearance, mechanical resistance, fire safety and long lifetime are important.

The material is suitable for the renovation of roofs and can be combined with extra thermal insulation to meet current building criteria on many roof designs including either cold or warm roof build-ups.



  • anthracite swatch Anthracite
  • light grey swatchLight Grey
  • dark silver swatch Dark Silver
  • black swatchBlack


  • antique copper swatch Antique Copper
  • dark bronze swatchDark Bronze
  • brick red swatch Brick Red
  • silver swatchSilver


Coating Options

Insulated Panel - Single Skin Sheeting - Flashings



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C200 2



60 u 1

60 u 2



HPS200 Ultra

HPS200 Ultra 1

HPS200 Ultra 2

HPS200 Ultra 3




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