Metal wrap colour swatch


Add new dimensions to walls with Art-Wrap™

Art-Wrap™ is a 300mm wide flat faced aluminium wall panel.

Can be used internally for example the walls of a shop.

Or externally such as a shops facade/entrance.

( Slot-Wrap™+ Vinyl Print)


Each panel is pre-fitted with a custom printed vinyl covering.

Each panel once slotted together forms any image required.

Supplied images such as company or promotional materials can be used.

For a dramatic effect a high resolution photographic image is recommended. 

(Image Supplied By Customer)




Panels are available up to 3.6 metres long & fit vertically.

In some cases panels can be fixed directly to the existing wall surface.

In some situations additonal light framing may be required.

Panels are light weight and easy to install.


We are have a solution for walls higher than 3.6 metres, please contact us for more information.