Shin-Wrap™ Metal Shingles

Diamond/Square Metal Shingles For Roof Or Walls






A 'Shingle' is a generic term to describe flat lock welted cladding panels.


They can vary in size & shape - square, rectangular, diamond, rhomboid or triangular.


& can even be randomly sized or a mixture of metal finishes.


Your imagination is the only limit.



We can offer a standard range of shingles in copper, brass, bronze, zinc, stainless steel or precoated aluminium.








Traditional Textures 0.7mm 15 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 40 years


Prefa Prefalz P10 Colours 0.7mm 40 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 40+ years

Natural Copper 0.6mm 10 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 40+ years

Uginox Patina 0.5mm 10 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 60+ years


Uginox Top 0.5mm 10 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 60+ years


ZM Pre-aged Zinc 0.7mm 30 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 80 years


ZM Pre-aged Zinc 0.8mm 30 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 80 years

 *Actual warranties may vary depending on the location of installation.