Slot-Wrap™ Wall & Soffit Panels

A Flat Faced Metal Wall Panel in Colour Coated Aluminium or Zinc Finish


Slot Wrap 2


Slot-Wrap™ panels are an interlocking flat metal profiled wall panel.



They slot together & are then fixed, to wrap walls in a long lasting high-quality surface.


Available with standard panel centres of 300mm & up to 12 metre factory lengths.


Suitable for walls as well as soffits.


Slot-Wrap™ shows no fixings, thus producing a clean & clear profiled wall finish.




Key Features


A popular cladding profile for traditional metals.


Copper, zinc, stainless steel and pre-coated aluminium is available.


Slot-Wrap™ installs horizontally, vertically or diagonally.


Width various widths and shadow gap combinations possible.


Slot-Wrap™ wall panels are also an effective soffit system.


The Installation process is straight forward. One panel interlocking into the next with a concealed fixing.


The Slot-Wrap™ panel system for situations where traditional metals are preferred. But with a flatter appearance than typical standing seam systems.


Panels are 0.7mm or 1mm thick. Widths up to 300mm and joint widths from 0mm to 20mm and 5mm to 20mm for zinc.


Panels fix to timber or metal sub-frames with a pressure equalised, ventilated airspace.





ZM Silesia Pre-aged Zinc 1.0mm 30 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 80 years


Prefa Prefalz P10 Colours 1.0mm 40 year Warranty, Life expectancy 40+


Traditional Textures Aluminium 1.0mm 15 year Warranty, Life expectancy 40 years

 *Actual warranties may vary depending on the location of installation.