Snap-Wrap™ Panel System

An evolution of traditional hard metal roofing panels, easy to install with an extensive range of finishes.



Snap-Wrap™ reduces on-site time thanks to a quick installation process.


Panels in project specific tray lengths are available.

This reduces waste & scrap generated using other techniques.


The simplicity of Snap-Wrap™ roof and wall panels. 

Makes for a straightforward installation process, suitable for both roof & wall applications. 


Fabricated from lightweight corrosion resistant materials.




Snap-Wrap™ Kits

Easy Fix Standing Seam Roof & Wall Panel Kits For Self Install Projects

Snap Wrap System



Professionally manufactured off-site Snap-Wrap™ Roof or Wall Panel Kits offer a quality solution for roofing and wall projects that require a metal finish.

The simplicity of the system makes for a straightforward self-install process.

Fabricated to exact measurements from lightweight corrosion resistant materials, this quick and ready to install system offers a durable and low maintenance solution.

Snap-Wrap™ Roof & Wall Panels Kits by Metalwrap Limited  can be provided as a complete kit including all flashings, matching rainwater products and ancillaries.








Snap-Wrap™ panels are suitable for a wide range of small buildings including, homes, garden buildings, extensions, garages, static caravans & holiday homes.

Each Snap-Wrap™ Kit can be ordered as an insulated or non insulated option.

A range of metal finishes are available with coated aluminum panels or other bespoke metals which can be ordered such as stainless steel or copper.





Installing Snap-Wrap™

Snap-Wrap™ roof & wall panels


Are an easy install, long lasting, low maintenance solution for homes & businesses.


Panels are fixed to a wall or roof, with clips as pictured to the left. Each panel snaps together  over the clips, thus concealing the fixings from view and also the elements. By following the installation guide included with each order.




Panels can be installed without any prior experience or specialist tools.


Snap-Wrap™ panels require a fully supported structure to fix to. 

Typically this can be OSB3 or insulated panels.


Panels are delivered in standard lengths of up to 6 metres.

Details on how to form panel end detals are included with the installation guide.



Traditional Textures 0.7mm 15 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 40 years

Prefa Prefalz P10 Colours 0.7mm 40 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 40+ years

Natural Copper 0.6mm 10 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 40+ years

Uginox Patina 0.5mm 10 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 60+ years

Uginox Top 0.5mm 10 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 60+ years

*Actual warranties may vary depending on the location of installation.




Profiled metal panel that snaps together, quickly wrapping a roof or wall in a long lasting surface.


Suitable for homes as well as businesses, Snap-Wrap™ shows no fixings, thus reducing chances of leaks & producing a much neater finish.


Such interlocking systems are used extensively in Europe and the United States of America, where the system has proved itself in the extremely varied climates.


Aesthetically pleasing finish whilst avoiding the industrial finishes found in other seam systems.


Can be laid on a ventilated timber substrate, composite panel or direct on insulation, using special warm roof fixing clips.

Much simpler to install, requiring less skill / hand tools than the traditional standing seam.

Can be ordered in factory lengths of up to 6-12 metres, panel cover width vary depending on materials.

Seams are available in 25mm / 38mm formats, in copper, stainless steel or pre-coated aluminium & can be supplied with all the necessary traditional flashings and accessories.



Panels in Stainless Steel

stainless steeloStainless steel is the “green material” par excellence and is infinitely recyclable.


Within the construction sector, its actual recovery rate is close to 100%.


It is environmentally neutral and inert when in contact with elements such as water, it does not leach compounds that might modify their composition.


These qualities make it a material which is ideally suited to building applications exposed to adverse weather: roofs, facades & rainwater recovery systems.


Uginox Patina K44 FME Stainless Steel


UGINOX Patina is a bistabilized ferritic stainless steel with an electro-tinned 
coating on both sides.


UGINOX Patina weathers over time, acquiring a matt finish through natural 
patination giving a traditional rustic final appearance.


UGINOX Patina has the benefit of a high corrosion resistance, suitable for use 
in aggressive atmospheres.


- Workable at low temperatures.
- Ease of soldering.
- Low thermal expansion coefficient: enables the use of long strips.
- High corrosion resistance.
- Nickel-free grade offering price stability over time.
- 100% recyclable. Uginox Patina Standing Seam Roofing




Uginox Top Stainless Steel


UGINOX TOP is a double sided permanent matt finish on 316 austenitic grade 
stainless steel (1.44.04).


Blends into all types of environment, rural and urban, traditional or modern and 
is suited to all styles of architecture.


- Workable at low temperatures.
- Ease of soldering.
- Low thermal expansion coefficient: enables the use of long strips.
- High corrosion resistance.
- 100% recyclable.




Panels in Natural Copper

Natural Copper is the “green material” copper roofing comes highly recommended as a way of reducing environmental footprints.



IMG 0141



Metalwrap panels, flashings & bespoke rainwater goods are all available in PREFALZ a prepainted aluminium coil, which is specially produced for the fully supported metal roofing & façade market.











  • P.10 BrownP10-Brown
  • P.10 AnthraciteP10-Anthracite
  • P.10 Brick RedP.10 Brick Red
  • P.10 Oxide RedP.10 Oxide Red
  • P.10 Moss GreenP.10 Moss Green
  • P.10 Light GreyP.10 Light Grey
  • Zinc GreyZinc Grey
  • P.10 WhiteP.10 White
  • P.10 Nut BrownP.10 Nut Brown
  • Metalic Silver RibbedMetallic Silver Rib
  • Metallic Silver FlatMetallic Silver Flat
  • NaturalNatural
  • Smoke SilverSmoke Silver
  • Ruby Red RibbedRuby Red Rib
  • Black GreyBlack Grey
  • IvoryIvory
  • Dark WoodDark Wood
  • Light WoodLight Wood
  • P.10 Rust BrownRust Brown
  • P.10 Sand BrownP.10 Sand Brown
  • P.10 Stone GreyP.10 Stone Grey
  • BronzeBronze
  • Copper PatinaCopper Patina
  • Patina GreyPatina Grey

tradtex logo stacked trans

A range of pre-coated aluminium that captures the colour pigments & textures of real zinc & copper cladding.

The result of this is a realistic & aesthetically pleasing finish.

Pre-coated aluminium is a flat rolled product with an aluminium core protected by a special 3 layer coating.

It has a long service  life, is lightweight, it is easy to work with  & is also environmentally friendly.

Standard colours are Zinc Patina, Dark Zinc Patina, Copper Patina & Copper Oxide.

With two new additions Graphite & Corten.

  • graphite swatchGraphite (NEW)
  • corten swatchCorten (NEW)
  • copper oxide swatchCopper Oxide
  • copper patina swatchCopper Patina
  • zinc patina swatchZinc
  • dark zinc patina swatchDark Zinc Patina