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Order Metal Roof & Wall Panels 

The metal panel profiles available to order at metalwrap.uk are all manufactured to meet a
customers exact specifications.

Some metal options are more readily available, as they are produced from stocked coils.

Extended metal options have to be specially ordered prior to fabrication.


After choosing your desired profile & selecting your preferred metal.
We provide a quotation by email based on the details provided via a panels order form.


Once the quotation confirm link has been clicked to accept the price.

We will send an invoice to your email account & either send via post or arrange to visit with product samples.


To proceed with an order after viewing samples, click the confirm link on the invoice.

This confirms you have seen samples & agree to our terms and conditions of sale.


As soon as we receive payment we will process your order as defined on the invoice

Invoices & quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

All orders require payment prior to manufacturing & delivery.



Colour Coated Aluminium Options

* Some colours may require special ordering
P.10 are standard colours.



  • P.10 Brown P10-Brown
  • P.10 AnthraciteP10-Anthracite
  • P.10 Brick Red P.10 Brick Red
  • P.10 Oxide RedP.10 Oxide Red


  • P.10 Moss Green P.10 Moss Green
  • P.10 Light GreyP.10 Light Grey
  • Zinc Grey Zinc Grey
  • P.10 WhiteP.10 White


  • P.10 Nut Brown P.10 Nut Brown
  • Metalic Silver RibbedMetallic Silver Rib
  • Metallic Silver Flat Metallic Silver Flat
  • NaturalNatural


  • Smoke Silver Smoke Silver
  • Ruby Red RibbedRuby Red Rib
  • Black Grey Black Grey
  • IvoryIvory


  • Dark Wood Dark Wood
  • Light WoodLight Wood
  • P.10 Rust Brown Rust Brown
  • P.10 Sand BrownP.10 Sand Brown


  • P.10 Stone Grey P.10 Stone Grey
  • BronzeBronze
  • Copper Patina Copper Patina
  • Patina GreyPatina Grey


Zip-Wrap™ Standing Seam Panels

 A traditional hard metal roofing panel, with an extensive range of finishes.



The standing seam system has been around for many years.


Our product line Zip-Wrap™ offers the original standing seam system with traditional detailing.


Avoiding industrial finishes found in more recent standing seam systems.


Zip-Wrap™ seams are available in 25mm / 38mm formats.

A profiled metal standing seam panel that zips together along the seam.


The seam fastens with a manual tool or with a machine. Wrapping a roof or walls in a long lasting surface.


Zip-Wrap™ is a secret fix system. This reducing chances of leaks & producing a much neater finish.


Copper, zinc, stainless steel or pre-coated aluminium.


Potentially supplied with all the necessary traditional flashings and accessories.


Zip-Wrap™ is flexible system. It can cover complex surfaces such as barrel vaulted roofs & domes.


It fixes onto ventilated timber substrates. Composite panel or direct on insulation, using special warm roof fixing clips.




Snap-Wrap™ Panel System

An evolution of traditional hard metal roofing panels, easy to install with an extensive range of finishes.



Snap-Wrap™ reduces on-site time thanks to a quick installation process.


Panels in project specific tray lengths are available.

This reduces waste & scrap generated using other techniques.


The simplicity of Snap-Wrap™ roof and wall panels. 

 Makes for a straightforward installation process, suitable for both roof & wall applications. 


Fabricated from lightweight corrosion resistant materials.

Snap-Wrap™ are a profiled metal panel that snaps together. Wrapping a roof or wall in a long lasting low maintenance finish.


Snap-Wrap™ uses a secret fixing system. Reducing chances of leaks through perished fixing seals & producing a much neater finish. 


Such interlocking panel systems used extensively in Europe & the United States of America. The system has proved itself in the extremely varied climates.


Snap-Wrap™, gives aesthetically pleasing finish. Whilst avoiding the industrial finishes found in other seam systems.


Snap-Wrap™ fixes onto a ventilated timber substrate. Composite panel or using special warm roof fixing clips, direct on insulation.


Snap-Wrap™ is much simpler, requiring less skill / hand tools than the traditional standing seam. 


Factory lengths of up to 12 metres are possible, with standard panel cover widths of approx 450mm.


Snap-Wrap™ seams are available in 25mm or 38mm formats.


Options such as copper, stainless steel or pre-coated aluminium are available.


Potentially supplied with all the necessary traditional flashings & accessories. Thus providing a complete roofing or wall system







Slot-Wrap™ Wall & Soffit Panels

A Flat Faced Metal Wall Panel in Colour Coated Aluminium or Zinc Finish



Slot Wrap 2


Slot-Wrap™ panels are an interlocking flat metal profiled wall panel.



They slot together & are then fixed, to wrap walls in a long lasting high-quality surface.


Available with standard panel centres of 300mm & up to 12 metre factory lengths.


Suitable for walls as well as soffits.


Slot-Wrap™ shows no fixings, thus producing a clean & clear profiled wall finish.


A popular cladding profile for traditional metals.


Copper, zinc, stainless steel and pre-coated aluminium is available.


Slot-Wrap™ installs horizontally, vertically or diagonally.


Width various widths and shadow gap combinations possible.


Slot-Wrap™ wall panels are also an effective soffit system.


The Installation process is straight forward. One panel interlocking into the next with a concealed fixing.


The Slot-Wrap™ panel system for situations where traditional metals are preferred. But with a flatter appearance than typical standing seam systems.


Panels are 0.7mm or 1mm thick. Widths up to 300mm and joint widths from 0mm to 20mm and 5mm to 20mm for zinc.


Panels fix to timber or metal sub-frames with a pressure equalised, ventilated airspace.




Side-Wrap™ Panels

High Quality Plank Effect Metal Prolfied Panels For Walls Or Soffits


Side Wrap

They wrap old and new façades, walls, roofs and much more, can be used inside and outside, are available in all RAL colours and can be installed vertically, horizontally or at an angle, with or without shadow gap.


Designed with a tried-and-tested tongue-and-groove system – Side-Wrap™, the great-looking all-rounders from Metalwrap Limited.


This façade system shows its advantages to the full when


Side-Wrap™ panels are applied to a professional, rear-ventilated substructure.


Satisfaction guaranteed for 40 years.

Material: colour-coated aluminium alloy, surface: smooth, stucco or lined,
with optional shadow gap


Coating: high-quality two-layer stove enamelling or powder-coated


Standard formats: 138 x 0.7 mm, 200 x 1.0 mm, 300 x 1.2 mm,


Weight: approx. 3.30 to 4.30 kg/m²


Fixing: aluminium or wood substructure, using screws or rivets


The innovation gap.200 is a special piece of aluminium, which causes a constant gap between the Side-Wrap™ - Wall Panels (format 200 x 1.0 mm).


The new corner Side-Wrap™ Wall Panel provides a smooth transition on corners and edges – for the façade all of a piece.


Also new is the surface texture lined, which gives the façade a distinctive and elegant visual appearance



Side-Wrap™ - Wall Panels Wood Look


Wood elements are popular for façade design, as they give any property a totally unique flair. But wood doesn‘t have to be wood.


We use a special wood look material for Side-Wrap™, combining the quality advantages of aluminium with the traditional design of a wood façade.


This means the re-painting you would need for wood façades is no longer required.


Using Side-Wrap™ to give old façade structure a shiny new look, particularly during renovation work.




Shin-Wrap™ Metal Shingles

Diamond/Square Metal Shingles For Roof Or Walls



A 'Shingle' is a generic term to describe flat lock welted cladding panels.


They can vary in size & shape - square, rectangular, diamond, rhomboid or triangular.


& can even be randomly sized or a mixture of metal finishes.


Your imagination is the only limit.



We can offer a standard range of shingles in copper, brass, bronze, zinc, stainless steel or precoated aluminium.










Traditional Textures 0.7mm 15 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 40 years


Prefa Prefalz P10 Colours 0.7mm 40 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 40+ years

Natural Copper 0.6mm 10 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 40+ years

Uginox Patina 0.5mm 10 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 60+ years


Uginox Top 0.5mm 10 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 60+ years


ZM Pre-aged Zinc 0.7mm 30 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 80 years


ZM Pre-aged Zinc 0.8mm 30 year Warranty, Life Expectancy 80 years

 *Actual warranties may vary depending on the location of installation.